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Frequently asked Questions

about Permanent Makeup 

What if I change my hair color?

If you choose to color your hair color, this will not make your eyebrows look off. Color choices are made according to skin tone and natural coloration. These features will never change.

Can I get a esthetic or medical spa service right before or right after?

If you have received Botox, Fillers, Peels, laser resurfacing or any other advanced skin care service you will need to wait 4 weeks from the date you had your procedure done to schedule a permanent cosmetics procedure. Lash extensions must be off and no serums used on the lash line for 4 weeks. Skin must not be sunburnt or tanned, this prohibits us from seeing your true skin tone and will affect the color selection during your procedure, It may also affect healed results. 

Please come to your appointment will no makeup on the area to be treated. If you are receiving eyeliner please come with no eye makeup on. If you are unsure please give us a call, we are more than happy to answer any questions. 

After your tattoo we ask you wait a minimum of two weeks before you schedule any appointments that may compromise healing. 

What can I expect after having a eyeliner procedure done?

With a eyeliner tattoo, there may be slight swelling to the eye area much like after a good cry. With the hand method there is no bruising  or damaging of the skin. With liner the area may be tender and feel dry. It is important that you follow the aftercare regiment given to you.The pigment may appear darker the first few days but as the body heals the colors will soften to the desired effect. It may take up to four weeks to see the final result of the initial application. Any and all follow-up procedures will be done at this time and not before.

Is It Painful?

 Some people may find the process feels much like plucking eyebrows. Comfort varies according to procedure and individual pain tolerances. I use the highest quality numbing products in the industry to help with your comfort during the procedure. 

Is It Really Permanent?

The procedure for applying permanent cosmetics introduces pigment under the first layer of skin and can not be washed off, therefore is classified as permanent. However fading  does occur thus requiring periodic touch ups. Touch ups are recommended when you feel the need to pick up your makeup pencil and add more. Permanent makeup is a tattoo and will fade, just as any other tattoo on the body does with time and environmental factors. How soon you will need a touch up varies, It is usually between 2-3 years after the 2nd appointment has been completed.

What if I want something changed after my appointment.

Corrections can be made at the follow up. If a area needs to be added to or you would like something removed this is all done at the 2nd appointment. Although this is permanent makeup, minor adjustments can be made. My clients  happiness is my top priority.

Can I afford it.....

This is a question clients often ask themselves, the answer is yes. Most of us spend $5 a day on a cup of coffee or other vices. in a 2 year period that is $3,650, $150 per month! Microblading and other brow services I offer will cost you $18.75 per month over a 2 year period! Not only will you save money on not buying brow makeup, but you wont have to struggle putting on your brows in the morning saving you 91.25 hour a year to enjoy other things in life! Invest in yourself, let me help you feel like the best version of yourself with some amazing brows, eyeliner and more!

How long does permanent makeup last?

Depending on the procedure you received, your lifestyle, environmental factors, and how well you take care of the work that's been done, your permanent makeup procedure can last anywhere between 1 1/2 to 3 years before a touch up appointment is needed. For longer lasting results using a SPF is recommended once the tattoo has healed.  

what should I do before the appointment?

Before any Permanent makeup procedure no alcohol or caffeine should be consumed the day before or the day of. The reason is because it could result in more bleeding, swelling and the numbing products may not be as effective causing more discomfort.

If I have a medical condition can I still have Permanent Cosmetics done?

Not all heath condition will effect your ability to receive a Permanent Cosmetics procedure. With that being said, I do need to know if you have any. Although most of the time I can have you get a Dr. note saying its OK, there are some health conditions that will rule you out for safety reasons. This does not mean you will never be able to get the procedure you desired, it may just need to be put on hold depending on the medical condition to ensure your safety.

How long does it take.

Depending on the procedure you request the appointment can take as little as 1 hour to as long as 4. I do not like to rush myself or you during the process therefor I only schedule 3 PMU and Restorative tattoo client maximums per day. The end results and your safety are my number 1 priority. If you do not have time that day and are in a rush I will not do the scheduled procedure. Clients must agree to the time frame  given before booking. A cancellation for this reason will result in loosing your deposit and require a additional deposit to book again.

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